In order to control the activity of the enomatic systems with wine card, Enomatic created family of software in cooperation with its software house enosoft.

  • Card Generator : Designed for small installations that do not require to register information on wine consumption. This software allows to create pre-charged wine cards to be used for pouring activation and a special assignment card necessary to attribute a wine (label, vintage, bottle size, volumes and prices) to the dispenser.
  • Enosoft Basic : Designed for small and medium installations where there is only one computer connected, it allows to control an unlimited number of dispensers and to manage the wine cards.
  • Enosoft Professional : Designed for medium and big installations. It manages and stores all the information about every wine tasting operation. It is possible to connect it on more than one network computer. It also has a microsoft database sql server (2005 express, 2005, 2008) or mysql where all the information about the wine consumption are stored.
  • Enosoft Multistore : Designed for shop chains that desire to share among the shops information about the sales, the transactions, the consumption of wine. It requires a central server called “enocentral” linked to all the shops that require an enosoft professional, via VPN connection in internet. The enocentral server only works with window 2003 server; the different shop branches need a server with windows 2003/2008 server, Windows 7, XP or Vista, the enocentral needs a database sql 2005, 2008. The pc client installed in the enocentral or in the shop branches are configured to the professional systems.
[/fancy_box] [fancy_box] It is possible in all the software to:

  • manage and create wine cards enomatic by software integrations carried on by a third party;
  • share the information inserted into the database as totally open and accessible via external control programs;
  • integrate the issuing of enomatic cards with the most popular pos pc or cash register.

The enomatic dispensers also allow to:

  • install the magnetic card readers hi.co and lo.co for the activation of systems by wine cards that are different from the standard enomatic wine cards;
  • read card rfid with third parties encoded standards;
  • install biometrical terminals that recognize the digital prints in order to activate the machine via touch screen or together with the standard enomatic rfid cards