Wine Card System

Standard Enomatic models are activated and ready to use as soon as a bottle is placed in the system. Optional Smart Card activated models are designed to control access to the wine. The activation is controlled using cards which contain microprocessor chips. These are commonly called “Chip Cards” or “Smart Cards” and they can add, delete, store and process information. [fancy_box]Smart Card Communication with the Enoserver (Enomatic’s stand alone central serving) in the Enomatic Wine Serving System monitors everything that happens within the system. The Enosoft Professional Software keeps accounting of all that is served, the amount of wine left in a bottle, the activities of individual customers, and even monitors customer consumption with programmable cut off point to  prevent over serving.
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Connect your system to the internet so that customers can view what they drank, when they drank it, and even purchase a bottle of their favorite selection directly on line. This feature is a great marketing tool and attention grabber.

Use of a Smart Card activated system coupled with the Enosoft Professional Software is a powerful tool to monitor your wine selection and market wine. Whether used in a wine bar or behind the bar for amazing customer loyalty.
Wine Cards Programming Options :

  • Normal : Use the “Deductive” operation method and are used by general customers who prepay for a pre-loaded card value. The value of each wine served is deducted from the card as it is used. A deposit value can be programmed onto the cards and the deposit and any unused value can be refunded when the customer returns the card. 
  • Loyalty : Are for regular customers. They work in the same way as Normal Cards however each Loyalty Card is unique and when used with the Enosoft software it will manage the customers’ data and record details of the wines they serve. This enables customized discounts or special promotions to be given to repeat customers.
  • Time Cards : Use the “Cumulative” operation method and start with 0 value. Time Cards can be set to only work for a limited number of days, after which they will not operate the enomatic system.
  • VIP :  Are a type of Time Card that can also be linked to a “table account”. The card records the increasing value (up to a credit limit) after each wine serving and can also be used to record other food and beverage purchases within the enosoft software.
  • Service : Are for customers who are given credit. They can only be used with the enosoft software which manages an account that can be sent to the customer each month.
  • Technical : Are used by staff to clean the system or to serve themselves wine.


[info_box]Our rechargeable and reusable Wine Cards can be customized and printed on both sides for your brand and graphic design.[/info_box]