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In Italy, in the heart of Tuscany, right outside of Florence. The semi automated fabrication ensures quality and reliability that made our brand famous

Refrigerated units (and dual temperature) can range from 45º to 61ºF.

Thanks to the adjustable pistons, the system can accommodate bottles from 375 ml up to a magnum (not all the magnums). That includes long neck bottles.

Opened bottle can be preserved for 30+ days (in normal conditions of ambient temperature) without altering the taste, aroma, body and color of the wine.

We are the only systems to be twice certified by independent organizations for our preservation capability.

No, the regular line of products doesn’t accept sparkling beverages. But the enomatic systems for Champagne, The FLUTE can feature sparkling bottles.

No, our ELITE line does not need drainage (our old Classic line, that has been discontinued, did require one).

Cat5 remains the most reliable way of communicating but in most cases, we can also install the Enomatic systems wirelessly. You will need to be aware of interference from other systems such as security cameras or microwaves.

Go see our "Wine Cards Concept" page to learn more about our software differences!

We do not recommend that you try to move the machines by yourself, this can void your warranty. In case you need to move your system after installation, please contact us so we can assess the situation and find the best solution with you.

No, the bottle is sealed to the head with 60PSI of pressure and locked into place (Elite® models).

They will not do it twice! Unfortunately you cannot prevent someone from forgetting their cards, only remind customers at the time of card purchase.

Change Bottle: is used to engage a full bottle of wine or to remove an empty bottle. Use this option in order to engage a bottle or remove it deleting the parameters (volume, price, etc.). 

Move bottle: is used to remove and re-engage a bottle not completely empty. Use this option in order to engage or remove a bottle without deleting the parameters (bottle volumes, prices of the volumes, etc.).

All our products are completely NSF certified (find listing on and some are also UL (in progress for the whole range). All machines meet the required standards.

$500. We can provide you with the dimensions of the machine so you may engage a professional to create your own design.

Cards must be purchased from us. They are coded to be unique to enomatic® and to your shop of course. Cards can be enomatic® branded or customized with your own logo.

No, but you can choose to customize the front with your own logo and our logo on the back for $1.8. You can also choose full customization. This option is $2.2 per card.

YES, with the smart card technology, cards can be reused at least 100,000 times. Also, with your Enosoft software you will be able to erase data on cards and reuse them for other customers.

Our experience has shown that 90% of problems you may encounter can be fixed remotely (over the phone, via remote connection to your software). Our unlimited phone support will provide you with guidance in case you need to change some parts yourself. We also insist on having a local third party service company that you trust associated with the installation. They can become a local partner for us in order to better serve you.

We have no standard interfaces but we are able to develop custom-made interfaces in collaboration with your POS provider. We have several successful examples of interfaces with room keys, game cards…

Typical mark up of the units is 300%. The ability to serve in small portions creates a win-win situation. Any wine will sell at min. $1/oz, i.e. $25/bottle. 


Aside from a light daily cleaning (nozzle and body like any other appliance), you will need to perform a deeper cleaning every 3 weeks to 1 month. The operation takes about 15 minutes for a 8-bottle dispenser (involves flushing with hot water). If your dispenser is connected to the software you can even check the cleaning status in real time, or directly from the screen of the ELITE® dispensers (in case you operate without the software).

Daily: Rinsing spout with sponge/towel + stainless steel cleaner. 

Monthly: Flushing the position with warm water and citric acid.

We only recommend to use foodgrade citric acid (that we can provide) with hot water. This makes the cleaning more powerful. Citric acid is not harmful and is naturally present in citrus fruits (it is actually widely used in restaurant kitchens across the country)


Argon is the best but you can use Nitrogen. Always use High Purity (UHP) at 99.95%. Gas tanks vary from 40cbft to 120cbft. Most frequent size if 80cbft ( about 3ft tall).

We can work at pressures up to 60 PSI. Customer should not interfere with the gas lines unless advised to do so by one of our technicians or by a licensed contractor.

We do not supply the gas, you will have to find a local supplier, we can help you find one if needed. Generally you can lease or purchase your tanks, and then refill.

Depends on the size of the installation. Usually a 80 cbft tank can sustain a 24-bottle set-up for 2 months. Considering the cost of the gas ($35/refill), that cost is not significant.

A computer/laptop with Windows 7/8/10 and min. 4 GHz RAM.


Our typical turnaround time is up to 8 weeks between order confirmation and installation (includes import time). This varies based on the the status of our inventory and specific customization you might require. 

50% is due at time of order and 50% upon delivery. Installation fees due on-site upon completion of the installation. Downpayment for the equipment must be placed via Check, Wire or ACH. Order of supplies and accessories can be processed via credit card by contacting us.

Please contact us to have more details on the options available.

For warranty purposes and to ensure proper performance, all equipment must be installed at the final location. Once installed and staff is trained, an Installation Acceptance Certificate will be signed.

YES tubing is included. We usualy run it when we are on site but it sometimes is easier to pull the line ahead of time when walls and conduits are exposed. In this case, we can either come before hand or ship the tubing to your contractor so they can pull it (with our instructions).

We ask that you give us at least 1 months notice so that we can schedule your installation the best way. 

2 year for parts and 1 year for the labor (from signature of Installation Acceptance Certificate).

We currently do not offer extended warranty plans. For a fee a technician will come on site once a year to check and adjust your systems.

The first Enomatic machines were installed as a prototype in 2001 in Italy and the wine store still runs all 12 machines beautifully! Although much depends on how well you clean and maintain your systems. We think of them as cars. Life expectancy should be 7-10 years.

Yes, you and your staff will be fully trained by our certified technician upon completion of the installation. Training can last from 45 minutes to 2 hours depending on your installation and the number of questions.

You can get a hold of us weekdays during office hours. Should you need someone on site, our dispatch will discuss with you the earliest available service date.


This is how we are growing. We strive to make every single customer happy so they can become an ambassador for our brand. We do not have a referral program per se, but we will take good care of you if your friends & partners are happy to work with us.

We are already a distributor (and not the manufacturer) so our prices are not structured to offer wholesale rates. We usually sell directly to the final users.

NO, but we are very interested in elaborating partnerships that would make you a preferred client. We can offer you highly personalized support and help familiarize you well enough with our product that together we can meet every customer need.